I’ve had to make a big choice recently. I had to take a stand.

You see, I ‘let go’ of a consistent and rock-solidly dependable revenue source because of the steadily declining value. Some people I know would consider that decision as being bold and living with purpose, others would call it lunacy.

It went beyond money for me. This was a corporate client for over seven years and without revealing their identity, suffice it to say their quality and customer service to their own customers had been going way down for the past several years and I could no longer be associated with it. Although many of their employees were kind to me I simply couldn’t continue in a relationship as the client’s overall standards and values went downhill.

It was not an easy decision. When recent economic times have been rough for many folks, my decision may have seemed rather erroneous. Also, I realize I’m in a fortunate place to be able to even make such a decision.

It became clear to me something had to be done when after our interactions, I’d feel, well, not quite dirty, maybe just unclean somehow, knowing their quality and service was seriously slipping. In conversations with other prospective clients I’d find myself not wanting to mention this longstanding client since their deteriorating quality and service was becoming common knowledge. That is, I started hearing from others I know both professionally and personally just how far down this client was going.

The separation was amicable and I was relieved. I hadn’t been aware of how emotionally draining this issue had been on me until it was removed.

Should it have mattered to me that the client’s standards had been steadily dropping and was even being referred to in a negative way by others? Did I want to be associated with this client? After all, they were pleased with my service and paid promptly. What was it to me? Furthermore, it’s not likely I can delve into all my client’s business practices and start making similar decisions based on how they conduct themselves.

I believe my action was like taking a stand…somewhere. Similar to boycotting a business. Although, it’s not practical to research every item I own and find its origins then determine if the company was practicing fairly or not. And I realize my choice was not the same in its seriousness or depth as the issue of boycotting businesses that treat their workers poorly, or tortures animals, or steals land.

However, it is possible with whatever information I, or you, have at this moment, we can make a choice about something. And as our knowledge grows, collectively we can all make those choices.

Have you been postponing a decision? Have you been maintaining a relationship that should simply be let go?