As our technological world has grown exponentially with particular emphasis on social networking tools and terms, I have found it increasingly important to broaden my awareness of modern day acronyms.

You know, a word that is made up of the first letters of a series of words. Acronyms have been used for decades (centuries?). Here are a couple old ones. For example, “They’re looking for that guy, he went AWOL–absent without leave.” Or, “Hurry up with that report, they want it ASAP–as soon as possible”.

I have found having an awareness of current acronyms has helped in my communications with clients and associates (ROI’s and SOP’s), and even with friends (LOL and LAQ).

In fact, according to NetLingo, an online source, there is a language known as ‘leetspeak’ which is an online jargon where the writer replaces regular letters with other keyboard characters to form words phonetically, like L8R (later) or ABT2 (about to), or LQQK (well, look). Wasn’t a version of that happening on vanity license plates for eons?

Meanwhile, I continue to look things up if I don’t have a clue due to TMA.