I changed hair dressers.

That’s right.

For many gals, changing a hair dresser is almost like changing their OB-GYN–It can be a BIG deal. I had been a loyal customer for years and enjoyed my stylist, however I realized I’d been rationalizing her skills.

After my bi-monthly salon visits, I’d find myself trimming up my own hair at home, reasoning I must have moved while she cut. After a bad perm (one side curled, the other not) I reasoned I probably just need to use my diffuser differently. I did go back and she re-permed only to fry it all up. The last three visits I’d gone in for different styles, even had pictures of what I wanted, and I ended up with exactly the same style as before, and before that–A shaggy mop-top that just felt all wrong on my scalp and my neck. It was very high maintenance, too.

To compound matters, on my very final visit she used the same smock on me as was used on the gentleman before me and maybe even before him. Egads! Don’t even get me started on the whole germy-germ thing. In addition, I did notice she wasn’t cleaning her combs and scissors on a previous visit, but I had pushed it out of my mind. There’s that saying ‘You only believe what you’re ready to.’

I knew something had to be done when I’d use hours of my free time, a most valuable commodity, and Google hair styles. Frustration mounting, I dialed a salon located nearby. There was availability for a cut immediately. I had meetings and bookings coming up, should I take a chance and have my poor strands clipped by a stranger? Really, how much worse could it get?

The salon was only a few miles away. I brought my weary self and my folded, faded picture of a hairstyle I knew I could realistically accommodate. My hair was washed and the gentleman looked at my picture and listened to what I had in mind. He made a few comments and began snipping away. No more than 15 minutes later, Ouila! A Happy Holly Head! Can it be true? Is this my actual hair? Yes! Now it can all grow out in peace. I may make it all sound traumatic, but if you’re a gal, you’ll know that few things in life measure up to a great cut. Well, okay, a great bra is right there.

Why hadn’t I changed hair dressers long ago? Perhaps I was feeling that woman to woman kinship. Afterall, we had good chit-chat and I hoped that by frequenting her salon the whole women-in-business cycle could perpetuate.

Why hadn’t I moved on sooner? I hear tell, everything has its time. Perhaps I wasn’t ready to move on any earlier than when I did.

Those recent changes reminded me of when I’d made other choices in my life over the years. Some big, some not so big; some good, some bad. To create my own business (good); to wear leg warmers (bad); to eat my green beans (good); to switch speakerphone ‘on’ then put phone to my ear (dumb).

Even not making a decision is a choice. What are some changes and choices you’re making on purpose these days? Or not?