The lessons in my Life that I am supposed to be learning have a way of repeating themselves until, I’m guessing, they are learned. The one that keeps replaying is the one about Being Here Now. You know, the lesson that is all about the moment and living in it, rather than somewhere else, usually in the future.

In my past, through the catalysts of witnessing tragedy, facing great sadness, or dealing with deep grief, the lesson of being here now has been brought forth with raw profundity.

Other times, and thankfully, more often, the lesson is brought to my attention through embarrassment and humor.

Like the time I was in between bookings. One performance done, another one to go. Busy checking phone messages. Busy packing props.

Busy going through my check list. Busy going to the bathroom. In fact, I was in such a hurry, scrambling and racing that I pulled up my pants before I was finished. Yes. I really did.

So, the next time you find yourself scurrying and frantic, pause. Think of Holly and tell yourself to Be. Here. Now.