I have a 16yo son (going on 35) at home and let me just say
I have had many opportunities where I could have embarrassed him–
when friends were over, on outtings, at family functions,
or any other numerous times, but…
Did I?
Would I?
Oh, I’ve thought about it. You know I have.
But, nope, never did it.

Did someone else?
Yes! And we all know how I love to live
vicariously through others, so here’s the scoop:

It seems this was the first year the school bus would be going passed
the house AND the 16yo high school sophmore son would be required to ride it.
So the mom, in her infinite motherly wisdom
thought they (her and hubby) should run outside and wave
as the bus went by, just to, you know, embarrass the kid a bit.

Well, the father took it a few steps further and decided
to get dressed up in a costume and wave to his son
of the son’s sophmore year!

To see the dad’s costumes, visit the blog his wife kept:

Here’s the article from the Daily Herald Utah News

Here’s a parenting blog writeup about it:

So, if your teen complains about being embarrassed by you,
pull up the waveatthebus blog and tell him he has no idea.
Or you can use it as a simple threat.