Holly and a bunch of golden balloons.

As a creative, the gap between discovering a new idea and expanding further into it, fleshing it out, exploring it, can be immense. Often creatives have certain rituals (scroll down for link to more rituals!) in place that work for them, certain ways to encourage the muse. Some of these methods may be more idiosyncratic than functional. Mine is more functional in nature.

For example, I will nearly always develop my ideas when I least expect it, not when I’m sitting neatly at my desk, all tools at the ready. No, I’m usually inflating balloons, driving or walking the dog, so I make sure I always have something nearby to record it.

Since a small audio recorder is my ideal, and I do have one, then one would rightly think that I should carry mine with me. But I don’t. Or, seeing as I’m forgetful, then sprinkle them liberally about, like my reading glasses, in the car, in the kitchen, in my fanny packs for-decor-or-dog-walking, etc, so as to always have access to it and ultimately have access to my ideas when they decide to emerge.

Alas, I don’t sprinkle small audio recorders about, tho I do have writing instruments like pens, markers, lipstick and eyeshadow – yes, I have used all these. And papers like old gum wrappers, crumpled receipts and auto manual pages. Granted not ideal, but all have served well. Perhaps I figure I will ‘trick’ my muse into thinking she can emerge when it appears I am not prepared.

Here is a list of some more interesting rituals. Luscious tips and tidbits from a few others that actually get my own creative juices flowing just reading about them. I hope you feel the same way!