Why did I do it?

I only had an hour before I was to leave for a day filled with meetings. An hour within which I was to prepare for my day AND shower.

Naturally, it sounded a lot less complicated than it actually was because the “PREP” for my day included actual preparation for the meetings, packing any car snacks, water and beverages, and any other incidentals I may need for a full day and evening or practically living out of my car.

The “SHOWER” included the entire process of makeup application, drying my hair and dressing. And the “dressing” could take a while because I hadn’t thought about it one bit and I always like to wear something that is somewhat stylish AND accessorized and getting all the colors right can take a few minutes, not to mention if I’m bloated and now have to wear my bigger clothes, which means different accessories…and shoes…and bag…browns or blacks?…blahBLAHblahBLAH

It’s witnessing these kinds of mornings that make my husband want to poke his eye with a stick.

So, I only had an hour — and a full one it was going to be.
and isn’t there always a BIG BUT!?!?)
I decided to change my toenail polish.
I reasoned I couldn’t possibly touch up the chipped polish any longer as it had gotten out of control and my toenails were starting to look lumpy.
I trotted out to the porch with my manicure bag.
There was an overcast, I could see a storm brewing over the lake, tho it was far away. I should have seen the ominous foreboding.
The air smelled good, like rain was in the air. I loved it. Niiiiiiice.

Enjoying. The. Morning. UNTIL.
Nailpolish! Spills!
Onto porch, big toe and hand.

And, of course of all of courses!, wouldn’t you know it!, couldn’t you guess!
I only had half-a-teaspoon of polish remover left!
What to do? What to do?
Can I put bandaids on the messy toes? Um. No.
Well, at least that narrowed down my shoe selection — no sandals today.

And there you go.
Let me be a lesson to you.
Don’t change your polish as you’re practically out the door,
but if you do,
before you begin,
double-check you have plenty of polish remover.

Be prepared. Be UNPOPPABLE!