The big viral news today has definitely been the homeless man from Columbus, OH with the “god given gift of voice”.

Apparently he was at a traffic intersection carrying a homemade cardboard sign indicating he had such a gift, when a gentleman from the Columbus Dispatch pulled up and asked what this voice sounded like.

The scrappy, disheveled gentleman proceeded to open his mouth and out of it came the truly smooth and golden tones of an articulate baritone. He pretended to be introducing a rock ‘n roll station.

It seems his plight was quickly heard of around the country and it didn’t take long for offers to come in from all kinds of places. He was interviewed on the Today Show. I hope all his dreams come true. He thanks God.

Do you think you have God-given gifts? If so, do you:
A) know what they are, AND B) use or share them?

If not, what can you do to become aware of them?
We all have gifts, you know.