Make a Great Impression by Knowing Your Face

Holly Nagel’s GRF or Good Resting Face.

WARNING: You will see a scary face below! Now, quick! Go grab a mirror before you begin reading. Don’t look into it, yet.

Part of making a great impression includes knowing your own face. Quick, look into the mirror now!

What does it look like when you’re thinking or resting, is it a GRF, or Good Resting Face?

Mine is scary.  My nepher took a picture of it and, YIKES! I showed it to my son, and they both said, Yep, that’s what you always look like! I have to make conscious efforts to not let my face get stuck in the scary zone if I’m wanting to make a great impression.

Recently the Today show had a segment on checking to see if they have BRF, or Bitchy Resting Face.

Making a Great Impression Means Knowing Your Face

Holly Nagel’s BRF or Bad Resting Face

Here’s a link to the Today Show video!

Here’s a link to the original,  which was actually a comedy video created by Broken People. 

Although there is a lot to laugh about when watching these, there is also lot of truth to them. If we’re wanting to make a great impression, then we have to know our face.

Do you have a GRF or a BRF?