Alrighty then. A show of hands please…how many of you still cut your own bangs…badly?

Oh oh oh, I do, I do!

When will I ever learn to have some patience, make the salon appointment and get my stylist to trim up my bangs nice and professional like?

Fortunately, my stylist has given me a couple easy tips on a quick fix so I may be able to show my face in public and fairly pain free. And it’s not throw a wig on, tho that may be an upcoming segment.

This is really easy.


First, get rid of any notions of symmetry. (With the first snip, I have deleted that possibility.)

Now, make an off-center part and…wait for it… mess it up!

Part, tousle, spray.

Now you know why I’ve ended up wearing an off-center part so frequently!

I have one more hair tip to piggy back onto this one.

De-Static Your Hair With an Unscented Dryer Sheet!

For a couple winters I’ve been using this technique and this year I’ve been doing it in public. I’d pull out a crumpled piece of cloth and wipe my hair. Folks started staring. What’re you doing?

No, it’s not a dirty tissue, I’d say.

It’s an unscented dryer sheet. It fits neatly in a pocket or purse and can be pulled out anywhere for a quick de-static.

Try it! Let me know how it works for you. Maybe you even have a de-static tip to share with me!