I was merging onto the expressway, trying to get up to 65mph so a smooth transition could be made. There was a car in front of me going a stately 55, but too slow for my impatient self.

I looked for an out, an opportunity to pass this chugger. Nothing. The vehicle was going the posted speed limit, but everyone else was going faster and I wanted to go faster, as well.

Then I noticed it.

I was transfixed. Compelled. I had to drive behind this Silver Sentra. Afterall, how could I not when the message was clearly directed towards me? The license plates read:


Our routes diverged, but I tried to see the driver of this small car that told everyone it loved them.

She was slight with white hair that appeared as a halo in the setting sun.

The power of those three words.
Have you repeated that phrase today? To someone else? To yourself?