Stress Free Holiday Party Planning at Home

Stress Free Holiday Party Planning at Home

I love parties!

Having  entertained at, attended as a guest AND hosted them, I’ve seen many and learned much and will occasionally be sharing ideas as I come across them.

Recently I came across an article on the Real Simple magazine’s site that is brief and helpful. Really.

The Stress Free Holiday Party Plan has six steps for hosting a holiday event at home.

Step 1. Make Only Easy, Impressive Food 

A few savories and a sweet, with some extra store-bought goodies are suggested. Read more for recipes and menu ideas.

Step 2. Step Away from the Cocktail Shaker

Offer guests a serve-yourself punch. Read more for festive punch recipes

Step 3. Manage the Mood

Lighting and music are top priority for a creating a festive mood. Read more for tips and playlists.

Step 4. Work Behind the Scenes Magic

Suggestions include everything from renting a coatrack (I sooo wish I’d done that!) to getting a big hot sudsy bin ready for soaking those dirties.

Step 5. Fun-Shui Your Space

Effective furniture placement can make or break the fun. Read more for a sample furniture plan.

Step 6.Wind it Down

Unless it’s a sleepover, read article for tips to effectively and subtly let the guests know it’s time to go. Ideas like lighting change and doling out leftovers can start hinting quite nicely.