Squirrel leaping by Simon Phillpotts

Squirrel leaping by Simon Phillpotts

We learn so much from nature. Henry David Thoreau had his ants, I have my squirrels.

Ever watch a squirrel? I watch as they will reach the edge of my roof and leap into the air.


Limbs outstretched.

Falling into the branches of the closest tree or bush.




Somehow, the squirrel ends up clinging to some odd branch, readjusts his position and continues scurrying along. Sometimes to meet and chase another squirrel. Sometimes to reach a green pine cone, pluck it off the branch and sit nibbling. I’ve since discovered these critters have amazing hooked claws which they use to grip branches.

I’ve witnessed squirrels jumping from all distances into all manner of trees and shrubs.

Perhaps they figure they have to do it. It certainly appears that way. They are compelled.

Perhaps they figure they must leap and a branch will simply appear. After all, the odds are with it. Its not leaping into thin air with nothing around. So, this leaping isn’t really a frivolous decision. It appears calculated.

Imagine that.

In a single moment that we act and can change so many things. Something as simple as a smile to the harried clerk at the checkout, or sending the inquiry, or making the phone call.

Let’s all get a little squirrely and leap, limbs outstretched, into the day!