balloons 260sSeconds to Sanity series

by Holly Nagel, CBA

*No special skills required! I dare you to throw some uninflated long twisty balloons & round balloons into your bag or drawer along with a small hand-held inflator. Now go about your day. If you do even one of these suggestions, I guarantee your life will change. And maybe even someone else’s.

9              They’re flexible and can be used for different things. Consider the time I was ready to board a flight when the clasp of my carryon broke. I grabbed a few of those long twisty balloons I always have in my bag, wrapped them around my case like a gigantic rubberband and Voila! My case stayed closed!

8              They’re an instant smile. Ever see (and hear!) a distraught child, midtantrum, kicking and screaming, seemingly inconsolable? Inflate one balloon within view of child. Hand it to child. (Of course, ask parent first). Voila! A smile appears on the child! Smiles then appear on the parents!

7              They’re a unique beverage cooler. Fill some balloons with water. Freeze. Place frozen balloons with assorted bottles and canned beverages in a Summer cooler. Voila! Beverages stay creatively cold!

6              They’re easy event décor. Inflate some round balloons. Tie different lengths of string to each one. Hang in a cluster from the ceiling over the dessert table. Hang in an entry for guests to walk through. Hang throughout a room. Hang in a window. Voila! Splashes of instant color!

5              They’re instant conversation starters. Inflate some balloons. Write different verbs, those action words, on each one. Run. Yell. Sleep. Scratch. Jump. You get the idea. Put in bag. After guests arrive, have each one take a balloon, read their word, then share an experience, memory or story of the last time they did that verb. Voila! Lively discussion ensues!

4              They’re a quick game for those times the kids are sooooo bored. Count the kids. Inflate that many balloons. The first one to pop their balloon by sitting on it wins! Voila! No more bored kids.

3              They’re a charming present. Find a box that can be sealed shut. Fill box with inflated balloons. Wrap box. Give to someone special. Tell them all the balloons are filled with wishes and smoochy kisses. Voila! Whimsy shared!

2              They’re your very own living room balloon drop. Take five  garbage bags. With one bag, unfold it and cut 2-inches strait across the top. Set aside for later. Now slice the other bags in half longways and tape together so you have a longer and wider piece of plastic. Inflate lots of balloons. Attach two corners of plastic to ceiling. Have someone else lift up the other corners so you can fill it up with the balloons. Take that strip you cut earlier, now it in half. Tie one strip to a remaining corner. Tie the other one to the other corner.  Attach to ceiling, leaving strips hanging down to pull later. Voila! Instant countdown to glee!

1              They’re spontaneous joy. Inflate a bunch of the twisty ones, then grab them all in the middle with one hand and twist them together so it looks like a giant octopus or firework blast. Observe reactions. Voila! An explosion of delight! 

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