Oftentimes, my schedule, and who am I kidding, my pocketbook, prohibit me from having my hair professionally colored especially when my roots grow out within a week. Then I bought a box of Just For Men brush-in color gel for mustache & beard and tried it. Afterall, I thought, what’s the worse that can happen? I grow a mustache on my head?

(Insert Disclaimer Here: Please follow the instructions on the box and doublecheck with your physician, attorney, stylist and anyone else you’re supposed to check with before using this product.)

I’m re-visiting this subject, which I covered a few years ago, because I’d gotten numerous inquiries about whether I really use this and this is one of my highest read posts, so I’m figuring some folks are interested.

Yes, it only takes minutes to zap the gray. And on the Just for Men box, actually five minutes! Now I fondly refer to this product as my NOT Just For Men hair color touch-up!

My great grandmother’s hair went white when she was in her 20’s. My youngest sisters’s was salt & pepper before 20. One of my friends has long white hair that flows below her waist which is beautiful, striking.

When I started coloring in my 30’s, I loved the whites and grays on others, just not on me. It’s peculiar what happened to me when all the white started moving in. It wasn’t about liking or not liking…it was more about what I FELT. And I didn’t feel white or gray. Preconceived notions, untrue stereotypes, the fact that I’m a children’s entertainer. Yes, I’m sure they all played a part.

And now, there is so much more support for the whites and the grays, from websites, Pinterest boards and Facebook pages, to clubs and associations. Stereotypes and preconceived notions are getting debunked and flattened.

In fact, here’re two Pinterest boards I follow: Amazing Grays & Pro-Age – Senior Style.

20 years later, I’m getting tired of the zapping and may start letting it go au naturel…we’ll see how I feel!

What are some of your touch-up hair color tips?