I had taken two classes I knew absolutely nothing about while recently attending an all-day seminar at The Mart, Chicago. Boy, was I glad I did! Well, at first I was hesitant, tentative, reluctant and second-guessing myself.

By the end of the day I was so pleased and not because I learned anything new (although there were a few nuggets I took with me), but for being reminded of a couple concepts I had heard of long ago and, for some reason, this time I had that nano-instant of clarity, the ‘Ah-Ha’ moment.

The concepts were basic, Business 101 in their simplicity:
1) Don’t throw money away.
2) Repurpose.

As an entrepreneur who has had a successful business for 7+ years, I realize the importance of increasing my knowledge base. Whether I am learning something new or refreshing current skills and info, it’s all good.

Which is why I was so pleased when those concepts really, to use a dried up but applicable term, resonated.

I am a slow learner. My husband may add that I am a painfully slow learner. He is the business manager and has always been conscious of ALL costs, which is why we as a business and as a family thrive. Now, hopefully, I will be demonstrating my new awareness on a daily and practical level.

In addition, I was able to reconnect with old friends and meet some new ones.
Attending classes outside my comfort zone was a victory!

Why don’t you try something outside your comfort zone?