Corporate Event Balloon Decor

Words on Wheels, Inc.


Words on Wheels, Inc.

CHALLENGE: A children’s literacy charity needed highly-compact, lighthearted decor for two annual yearly fundraising events including a smaller event at an area pub, and a larger event held at a large country club.

DESIGN REQUIREMENTS: Configurable to a range of spaces, eye-catching, appropriate for a photoshoot backdrop

SOLUTION: A variety of smaller installations including a recognizable caterpillar character from a popular book at one event, and at the larger event multiple decor styles including chandelier hangers, a tabletop tree, towers and a photo frame – all featuring stylized children and books

Lake Forest Country Day School


Lake Forest Country Day School

CHALLENGE: The North Shore school required a long-lasting, highly-vertical installation for their two-story atrium. The piece would need to last for two weeks and be the centerpiece of a major fundraising gala.

DESIGN REQUIREMENTS: Fairytale-themed, long-lasting, focal point for a vertical space

SOLUTION: A 20-foot tall Beanstalk featuring a climbing Jack the Giant Slayer

“Your intricate, large scale creations were the highlight of our fairytale themed event. You went above and beyond our wildest expectations.”
~ R.O., Lake Forest Country Day School

The Field Museum


The Field Museum

CHALLENGE:  The Field Museum of Chicago needed an interactive decor set piece for the birthday of the world’s most famous T-Rex, Sue.

DESIGN REQUIREMENTS: Classy, interactive, fun

SOLUTION: An articulated juvenile T-Rex with prehistoric trees.

“Guests absolutely loved interacting with the balloons as soon as they entered the Museum. It was a fantastic showpiece for such a special party.”
~ A.A., The Field Museum

 Photography by © John Weinstein, The Field Museum
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