More often than I care to admit, I’m in need of a quick attitude fix. Something I can do in a matter of seconds or maybe a couple minutes to effect a brighter disposition. Being a very visual kinda person makes it easy.

#1 – Funny Bone Folder: I have a paper file full of cartoons, quotes and pics. My virtual folder contains video clips like those silly YouTubes with goats, or bits of my favorite comics, TV shows or movies. Plus, I’m an avid admirer of Pinterest and I keep a board titled “Just Plain Silly” that I consult frequently.

#2 – Rose Colored Glasses: Yes, I really do have a pair. I wear them if it’s cloudy and gray. In an instant everything appears better. I wear them when I want to be sarcastic with myself.

#3 – Silly Socks: I wear a pair, unmatched, of course, virtually every day. With suits, slacks or jeans. If I get pre-program jitters, I look down at my ankles. If I need an attitude adjustment, a quick peek at a sock. I love them because they’re also something of a metaphor, they remind me of the glories of imperfection & spontanaeity; my silly socks help keep me centered.

I hope these tips help you somehow.

What have you done to quickly adjust your attitude?