Quite by accident I discovered a quick fashion fix. Literally. By accident.

I spilled coffee on my blouse while driving to a booking.

When I arrived I went to the restroom, turned my blouse around and ouila! A quick fix.

What I didn’t expect was that I’d actually like wearing the blouse backwards. This idea opened up new possibilities. Take those odd blouses in the back of my closet. One in particular went way too low in the front, so I never wore it. Not even with a tank underneath. But turn it around, and wow! new blouse I now love. Naturally, I can’t do that to all blouses, but with many, I did…and do.

I realized turning the blouse around was great for three reasons:

1)   It saved me, got me through a messy spill.

2)   Hides the bra/straps.

3)   Changes a fashion look.

I hope my accident helps you, too.

What have you turned around?