Give yourself a precious gift!

Give yourself a precious gift!

All too often we are inundated with things to do. Some important, some not so much. I receive everything from client requests and personal notes to the subscription newsletters.

I know my inbox get too full too fast because I’ve subscribed to a few too many things. And these pieces of mail build up in my box.

I see them. Day after day. The same ones. They remain unopened. Then I file them in some folder to get them out of the inbox, but unopened they remain, adding up to a substantial collective virtual weight of more stuff for me to do.

Occasionally I’ll skim through one or two. Perhaps read one in its entirety. However, I’ve discovered whenever I backburner an item for as long as some of this mail gets backburnered it means one thing. It’s simply not that important to me.

Not that the items in and of themselves are not interesting. Some are quite fascinating and informative, and were useful once, however they’re not useful to me at this time.

So I decided to unsubscribe to the many that remain unopened. I’ve opted out of certain groups. I have been gearing up to have more focus this year, more clarity about what I’ve been evolving towards. In doing so, by smashing my timewasters I will have more time to move towards my true passions.

Which timewasters will you be smashing? Which passions will you have more time for?

~~excerpted from Holly’s book  A Balloon Lady’s Guide to Life