Hear the word and you may think of kids stories; or kids sitting around some adult as they read from some oversized book.

As a professional storyteller, I do tell stories to children. Stories that are memorized and perhaps told at libraries or festivals. However, as a business woman I’ve learned stories aren’t just for kids. They are important for adults, too. Especially in business.

As a corporate presenter, I know the value of stories in the workplace.
Annette Simmons, author of “Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins”, said there are different kinds of stories used in business and are used to not only develop corporate identity and values, but to show respect and to even repectfully disagree. Simmons also said folks have had enough information and want faith (in your goals, your company, etc) and stories help develop that.

Fast Company magazine has said that storytelling is the ultimate leadership tool. The most effective leaders are in touch with their own stories. Perhaps you know one—your CEO, your mother…

Stories are important because they build trust and through that they build connections.

What are your stories?