Being Unpoppable, Tip #5 Get Silly Daily!

Develop your Silly Arsenal.

Taking a moment for some silliness is not always an easy task, especially when life starts to weigh us down.

Consider creating a cabinet, drawer or binder full of fun quotes (not the deep ones!), fun photos, or just one item that is sure to make you smile. Yes, you can do this virtually, but I’ve especially liked the tangible versions for times when I’ve been sitting quietly at night.

Remember: These are items that seem silly to YOU. Don’t share with others since they may not have the same silly bone that you do.

For me, it started with a cabinet. I placed one magnet inside, one that I could see immediately when I opened the door. This saying struck me as silly when I first saw it, and still does. Then I started saving a quote here, an anecdote there.

Over the years I’ve ended up stockpiling and ended up now having all of the above –  a cabinet, a drawer and a binder. And books! Children’s books are wonderful for this purpose. And movies! One can never be too sure exactly when or how much from the Silly Arsenal one will need.

Most of the time I don’t see or go through these items regularly, so the arsenal stays fresh.

It depends on the week.

(Condensed from Holly’s book, Unpoppable, Unstoppable: A Balloon Lady’s Guide to Life.)