The frantic mother of a preschooler!

The frantic mother of a preschooler!

I begin one of my presentations with “Once I was the frantic mother of a preschooler…” Many women have shared that sentiment with me. And if it wasn’t for that time I certainly would not have taken the risks,  nor learned some of the professional and personal lessons I have.

There are certain milestones in women’s lives and being a mother is definitely one of them. Furthermore, there’s nothing quite like the catalyst of that child, your child, to get you moving your feet down paths uncharted whether for him or you or, in my case, for both of us.

However, many women have felt that if they have their child while in the midst of working, something would give and most likely it would be the career.

In this Fast Company article How Becoming a Mom Can Actually Help Your Career Reva Seth’s new book The Mom Shift is discussed and, more importantly, how becoming a mother has actually boosted women’s careers.

Per the article, motherhood made her take a leap of faith, become better at time management, serve as a catalyst for change, and boosted confidence.

What are your thoughts? Has being a mother boosted your career?