Discovering your sparkle is not easy.

For many, it’s not even obvious. It’s not about bragging or being boastful. It IS about noticing your gifts and the things you are passionate about. Frequently there is overlap. And hopefully, if we pay close attention, we are able to combine our real passions into a livelihood.

Over the years I’ve learned a few things about discovering your sparkle.

Sparkle, to me, has a multi-pronged definition. Our sparkle has to do with the sparks we emit, or show others, as well as what burns within us.

First, it’s about listening to what others tell you. Occasionally, someone will give a pure compliment, you know, the kind that seems really sincere. Maybe it’s about your smile, or your appearance.

Go deeper, and you may hear things about your actions. Say, you really can… bake/ grow plants/train animals.

Go deeper still and you may hear things about your personality. Say, you really light up/glow/come alive…when you… interact with seniors/ are onstage/ talk about the environment.

Second, it’s about noticing your internal fire. What is it you love to do? What are you watching or reading? Often if we observe what we do when we procrastinate or delay doing something we’re supposed to do, we can be led down a path that will reveal our internal fires.

Years ago, I’d find myself reading books and visiting websites and blogs that offered self-improvement information. Everything from becoming self-employed, to dealing with anger to putting accessories together. I ate it all up.

I’d also love to listen and watch speakers and storytellers. I have always been smitten by anyone telling anecdotes and stories, or sharing something useful or even simply heart felt.

As my life evolved, I began developing those traits in myself. Slowly. And not always on purpose.

Third, it’s about sharing your sparkle with the world.

Yes, I am one of those that believes we are here to not only live up to our sparkly selves, but to share our sparkly selves with the world.

You can only do you and be extraordinary and this world needs lots of it.

What’s your sparkle?