I’m a middle-aged woman.
I’m a middle-aged woman that still gets zits!

What’s up with that?!

As a children’s entertainer and corporate speaker I am in front
of people. A lot. My appearance is important insofar
as I consistently practice good hygiene and get my hair trimmed regularly.
In addition, I no longer leave the house in saggy sweats and a T
since I have a tendency of running into clients.
Even on vacation.
In other states.

My father had severe acne as a teen and he
told me he always hoped his three daughters would never suffer
with acne the way he did. As an adolescent and teenager I would get the occasional zit.
Nothing major.

Now with middle age, not only am I on the receiving end
of an array of assorted skin anomalies such as spots, tags,
moles, sags and wrinkles (not to even mention the whole
hair subject as in thinning hair or graying hair or unwanted hair),
I must also and still deal with the occasional zit.

So, as it happened, I got a little bump near my lip a couple
weeks ago. You know, that smallish start of what may be a
zit kind of a thing. Naturally, I could not leave well-enough alone.
Yep. I picked.
Now it looks like some nastyass cold sore.

My zit has been the object of contention and amusement
for both my husband and teen son.
Much to my intense chagrin.
Needless to say, I have been quite vocal
about this distasteful state and have been thankful that
a) it isn’t worse, and b) I only have two gigs
between today and Wednesday.

Yesterday the zit looked particularly angry.
Yesterday I had an entire day off and was relaxing on the sofa.
My husband had been out gardening most of the morning
and came in to chat.

He took one look at my zit and exclaimed,”You better
leave that thing alone or it’s gonna grow arms!”

Thanks, Hon. You’re all heart.